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Sub item description of printing process

  From the establishment of printing plans to the completion of printed materials, it is necessary to go through many procedures, combined with the professional skills of countless people, such as designers, copywriters, typists, artists, color separation technicians, typesetting technicians, proofreaders, printing technicians, binding technicians, etc. Without any one person, it is impossible to successfully complete printed materials, so they are all important contributors. Moreover, there is an absolute correlation between the following assignments. Without understanding the relationship before and after the assignments, unexpected losses may occur. Therefore, every participating producer must keep the basic matters in mind.  


Content Description

1. Printing planning

Printing planning is aimed at matching the theme of the design. It is necessary to carefully review the printing method, layout size, subject matter of the printed material, color number of paper or printing, and even the selection of relevant processing manufacturers, in order to smoothly launch each production process and complete exquisite products.

2. Design and production

According to the printing plan, copywriting, design, layout planning, etc. are the pre production procedures for the completed manuscript. At the same time, photography and illustration drawing should be arranged, and various cooperating manufacturers should be contacted to coordinate the production schedule, so as to make various elements more concrete.

(itinerary arrangement)

3. Completed draft

Based on the initial draft of the layout plan, arrange the copy, photos and illustrations, correct positions and color markings, etc. in a sequential manner on the completion paper or in electronic format to process the complete manuscript, and clearly indicate the special requirements and instructions for plate making. This is a prerequisite task for plate making.

(Electronic completion)

4. Production output

After completing the plate making task and entering the plate making stage, the images are scanned and separated using an electronic color sorter, and the text and lines are photographed using a black and white camera to create the correct number of screen passes (printing dots). The text, illustrations, and other materials are then assembled according to the instructions on the completed draft, and the plate making process is carried out. Then, a color sample is printed and sent back to the designer for proofreading. If electronic completion processing is used, it is necessary to submit the output center to output the film. It is necessary to fill out the input work order or instruction form in detail, clearly indicate the number of output lines, as well as the number of colored and monochrome pages, whether there are any typography and specifications, etc., to avoid communication errors and unnecessary losses.

5. Proofread assignments

This is the final step before printing, which is to check whether the color sample conforms to the procedures indicated on the finished draft. When correcting colors or other corrections, it is necessary to be particularly careful to write specific and easy to understand text explanations or position contours in red pen, and correctly convey them to the plate making personnel to avoid unnecessary losses.

(To verify)

6. Printing homework

Convert the corrected four color screen into a printing plate and send it to the printing machine to start formal printing. If you want to obtain an ideal printed product on a printing press, you first need to understand the printing factors. Due to the many variable factors that have a significant impact on printing quality, it is necessary to have a certain and sufficient understanding of these factors.

7. Binding

Publicity (PR) brochures, catalogs, brochures, etc., commonly known as DM, the final step in printing, is the binding process. Generally, the most commonly used single sheet flat style is cutting, pressing, folding, etc. As for binding, it depends on the number of pages, type of paper used, exquisite quality, and usage and purpose.

Processing homework




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