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Overview of Printing Types and Printing Materials

When it comes to the types and knowledge of printing, it is as rich and profound as an encyclopedia, and new knowledge is made public every day, from tradition to modernization, from modernization to technology. The speed of this progress is truly astonishing. In addition to progress, the on-site experience of professional technicians operating in front of machines is also the key to product success, So a perfect finished product is carefully crafted through the efforts of multiple people and years of accumulated experience. Below is a brief explanation of the commonly used printing types, and we kindly request your guidance from senior colleagues. Thank you!! Printing classification: Flat printing: such as four color machines, two color machines, monochrome machines, rapid printing machines, etc. Relief printing: such as business card machines (resin plates), lead type printing, zinc relief plates, set number letters, etc. Gravure printing: such as glass bag printing for instant noodles, aluminum foil bag packaging for biscuits, etc. Hole plate printing brushes: such as screen printing, circuit board printing, fabric printing, can printing, inscription printing, etc Partial gloss and other printing materials PS plate: suitable for color or monochrome printing with more precision, suitable for flat printing machines. Generally, the reserved plate can be used for continuation printing, and the printing quality is quite precise and good. Resin version: Suitable for small quantities of business cards, store cards, invitations, and stickers, such as business card machines and disc machines. Zinc plate: suitable for business card machines, disc machines, and hot stamping machines, especially for hot stamping and embossing (using plates), with good quality. There is also a plate material for flat printing (which is the earliest plate material for flat printing in China). Paper version: suitable for fast printing machines and others (to be discarded after use), this version cannot be guaranteed due to the paper version material, and its cost is also relatively low. Screen printing: suitable for screen printing machines, etc. This version is suitable for printing some special materials, such as; PVC, clothing, etc. Aluminum plate: suitable for flat printing machines, but due to low print resistance and a high proportion of defective plate retention, it has fewer users.

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