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MY1300 Hand Self Integrated Die Cutting and Indentation Machine

The MY1200 fully automatic die-cutting and indentation machine is developed by combining similar foreign products. It combines manual and automatic operation, making it versatile. It can easily solve various bending and deformation problems of paper die-cutting The manual and automatic feeding mode is a machine developed according to the customer's product requirements. When the paper quality is good, it can be in automatic mode, with high speed and convenient use. When the paper quality is poor, manual mode is adopted, and the transition between the two is flexible and fast. The range of usable paper is wide, which better adapts to the diverse performance of customer products and expands the range of machine use. It is a widely applicable model designed according to the actual needs of customers The MY1300 automatic and manual all-in-one machine produced by our company abandons the traditional chain in the transmission part of the paper feeding section and uses a large number of synchronous belts and gear components at all costs. The fine-tuning mechanism is a product that can adjust the paper placement time without limitation. The left and right movement mechanism of the paper feeding table is electrically controlled, with a large adjustment distance. It has an automatic centering function when changing paper without lowering it. It can be manually and automatically switched to a one key position. In automatic mode, the upper point roller presses the paper, while the lower point roller remains stationary. The machine runs more smoothly, the paper is fed more smoothly, and the die-cutting speed is fast; When manually operated, it performs up and down reciprocating motion for the lower point roller, with a large stroke, making it more suitable for bent paper. It is also equipped with a stopper gauge, making manual paper feeding simpler and more convenient than ordinary semi-automatic machines. Switching electrical control, the cylinder automatically switches after rotating the switch, without the need for manual adjustment Feida is powered by an independent servo motor, which tracks the feeding time of the main machine and installs two motors to control the up and down movement, allowing for manual micro adjustment. Automatically adjust during manual automatic switching, and when set to automatic, Feida automatically adjusts to the position of the large paper and lowers to the preset height. Customers can fine tune the Feida position according to the size of the paper. When switching to manual mode, the Feida moves to the rear of the zui, rises to the zui height, and stops the paper feeding action, freeing up a lot of space for personnel. The entire conversion process only requires manual removal of the paper flipping board, while the rest is automatically controlled, saving a lot of time and manpower, with high efficiency and automation.

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