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The market for paper box color printing has been bullish, with both domestic and foreign strengths and weaknesses

Packaging printing and newspaper printing, like two fast horses, have driven the rapid development of the printing industry. Today, under the impact of the Internet and electronic media, the growth rate of newspaper printing has declined, thus entering a relatively stable development period. The development momentum of packaging printing is still very strong. Of course, the printing and packaging machinery and manufacturers that produce these printing and packaging products are also growing rapidly at the same time. The rapid growth of the packaging and printing industry has driven the rapid development of printing, post-press processing, and surface decoration equipment. It is worth noting that printing equipment with large or even super large formats has entered a period of rapid development. This type of equipment is mainly suitable for printing cardboard boxes. Due to its printing efficiency being twice that of the machine, it is favored by packaging and printing enterprises, especially with the emergence of micro corrugated paper, which further expands the application range of large format single sheet paper printing machines. The development and manufacturing of large format printing machines in China began in the early 1980s. At that time, the main focus was on the practical situation of low printing efficiency and long publishing cycles in books and periodicals. Two companies, Beiren and Shangren (predecessor of Shanghai Gauss), developed full format single format double-sided flat printing machines and successively pushed them to the market, At that time, northerners had already formed a scale of mass production. However, with the mass entry of highly efficient web based book and magazine printing machines into the market, the full sheet double-sided printing machine gradually lost its leading position, and only the double-sided printing machine sold well, undertaking the task of printing small and medium-sized books and magazines. According to statistics from 2003, the national book and magazine printing enterprises have 103 double-sided printing machines, 95 single paper printing machines with four or more colors, 56 double color single paper printing machines, and 57 single color single paper printing machines. In the future, there will be no domestic manufacturers producing full sheet single paper printing machines, and the large format multi-color printing machines used for packaging printing can only rely on imports. Gaobao large format printing equipment has been in the Chinese market for 13 years and has been installed in more than 50 units in China to date. With the development of the packaging printing industry and the large import of large-scale printing equipment, domestic printing machinery manufacturing enterprises have started producing so-called small full sheet printing equipment, which has been selling well in the market for several years. This type of device cannot be considered as a single sheet printing machine with large or full format, because the concept of small full format is relative to equipment such as 08 machine, 05 machine, and double-sided printing, and the maximum paper format of these three types of equipment is 620mm × 920mm, the maximum paper size for a small full sheet is 720mm × 1040mm, this printing format should meet the specifications of B1 paper, while full sheet, large format, and extra large format should meet two or more paper specifications of A0 and B0. During this period, Beiren Group Company and Shanghai Gauss have already launched 720mm × The multi-color single sheet paper printing machine with a size of 1040mm has been selling well to this day and has become a high-end backbone printing equipment in China. The true large format single sheet multi-color printing machine appeared at the 6th International Printing Technology Exhibition in 2005, with Beiren Group Company and Jiangsu Changsheng Group。

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