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Proper storage of paper

Paper has strong moisture absorption properties. When the paper is damp, it will elongate and deform, and in severe cases, it will produce mold spots, which will affect product quality. Therefore, the place where paper is stacked must be clean, dry, and well ventilated. When stacking paper, a wooden frame should be used to raise it, about 25mm above the ground, and not too close to the wall. Paper should not be placed together with easily deliquescent items, otherwise it is prone to moisture absorption and spoilage. For non glued paper, such as newsprint, grass board paper, box board paper, etc., more attention should be paid to moisture prevention during rainy seasons. In addition, if the paper is exposed to sunlight, the white paper surface will turn yellow, colored paper will fade, and the paper will become brittle, which is prone to cracking. Therefore, when storing the paper, it is necessary to prevent exposure to sunlight. When the temperature of paper is above 38 ℃, its strength will significantly decrease. In order to ensure the quality of paper, it is best to keep the relative temperature of the storage environment around 75%. If the indoor (paper storage) temperature reaches 39 ℃, ventilation and cooling measures should be taken to prevent the paper from becoming brittle and deteriorating. Paper is also susceptible to termite and other insect infestations, so attention should be paid to inspection in daily life. Paper that has been stacked for a long time should be flipped over in a timely manner. If the bottom plate is found to be infested by termites, it should be replaced immediately. Usually, the storage period of paper should not exceed one year. Even if the conditions for storing paper are good, it may change color and deteriorate if stored for too long. If the paper is stored for two years, the copperplate paper will turn yellow and lose powder; Newspaper turns yellow and brittle; Color change and reduced strength of packaging paper; Yellow board paper and box board paper can become moldy and spoiled, etc. So, when storing various types of paper, it is necessary to adhere to the principle of first selection to avoid storing them for too long and causing damage due to spoilage.

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